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團圓祝褔 – 中果籃連美心月餅 Fruit basket with Maxim’s mooncake


中秋節果籃盛滿6種新鮮時果配美心雙黃蓮蓉月餅一盒, 比利時朱古力禮盒200g;

規格:(長)40 x (闊) 32 x (高) 36 cm

生果種類(只供參考): 金柚, 水晶梨, 豐水梨, 提子, 富士果, 楊桃, 火龍果, 水蜜桃, 芒果, 士多啤梨, 蘋果, 橙, 奇異果, 布冧, 香蕉, 木瓜等

送貨費: 九龍 免費(藍田/油塘 除外);藍田/油塘/清水灣/將軍澳/香港區 HK$60; 新界區 HK$90;愉景灣/機場區 : HK$180




A wicker basket filled with 6 types of the best available seasonal fresh fruits with a box of Maxim’s lotus seed paste mooncake (2 Yolks),Belgian Cocoa Dusted Truffles Original chocolate 200g & Chinese tea
Approx : (L) 40 x (W) 32 x (H) 36 cm

Fruits (For reference only): Pomelo, pears, Grapes, Fuji apples, peach, Starfruits, Pitaya, Mangoes, Strawberries, Apples, Oranges, Kiwi fruit, Bananas, papaya, etc.,

Delivery fee Kowloon – free (except Lam Tin / Yau Tong) ; Lam Tin / Yau Tong/ Clearwater Bay/Tseung Kwan O/Hong Kong HK$60; New Territories HK$90Discovery Bay/Airport HK$180 

Due to seasonal variations some items may be substituted to produce a display of equal quality and value, photo for reference only.

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