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99枝心形藍玫瑰花束 99 Blue Roses


99枝心形藍玫瑰花束適合送給”最特別的她”, 最能表達你的心意必定令她一世難忘。

(備註:需預3天前預訂; 相片只供參考)

– 所有相片只供參考, 貨品價格及各條文如有更改,恕不另行通知

送貨費: 九龍區免費(藍田 /油塘除外);藍田 /油塘/清水灣/將軍澳/香港區 HK$60; 新界區 HK$90;愉景灣 HK$180 機場區 : HK$220



Brighten up you love ones day with this bouquet of 99 stalks Blue roses matching with seasonal flowers, fresh and unique

Available color : Red, White, Pink, Yellow, Orange.
Due to seasonal variations some items may be substituted to produce a display of equal quality and value.

Delivery fee: Kowloon – free(except Lam Tin/ Yau Tong); Lam Tin/ Yau Tong / Tsang Kwan O HK Island $60; New Territories HK$90;Discovery Bay HK$180 Airport HK$220

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